Life Hack: Self Massage

I probably shouldn’t admit this but … I could be convinced to do a lot of things for a really good massage. I always said if I ever hit the lotto, one of the top 10 things I would do is hire a massage therapist!

Well, I am not rich yet, and it gets pretty old asking my husband for a massage so a few years ago I purchased a massager from Brookestone. It was probably the 25th time I’d gone into Brookestone to kill time by trying all the massagers. Well, that time I actually found one I thought was awesome. It was powerful and the handle was long enough for me to reach the lower parts of my back, for $100 it was all mine.

Recently my colleague told me he’d been using a car buffer for self-massage, my ears perked up. I tried it and immediately went to my desk and ordered my own. $30 BOOM.

I got a Black & Decker – MODEL number. What I like about it is the motor is super powerful , you can target a specific area with the edges of the device OR use the flat surface to soothe a general area.

Two days later (thanks Amazon Prime), I had my very own car/body buffer.

Turns out “body buffing” is a thing. Athletes, body builders and fitness fanatics use this massage hack to accelerate warm up, loosen tight muscles, promote blood circulation and relieve soreness. IMO, it works!

I have very tight hips and ITB issues (I’m falling apart!) so body buffing is a welcome and effective solution for me. Granted, I can’t target my back the same way as I could with the wand style Brookstone massager but easily get my hips, hams, quads, shoulders, glutes, and calves.

If you decide to give this a try, you may  feel some tingling or itching afterwards (I do) because your nerve receptors are being stimulated more than normal, the blood vessels swell from the increase circulation and the brain can interpret that as itching…but about 60 seconds after you’re done – sheer bliss

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