The Secret Weapon That Cut My Cleaning Time In Half

You guys know I love a good life hack. I call them my secret weapons. I recently discovered one for cleaning and I’m so excited to share!

A clean house makes me so happy but time is limited (and I’m not quiiiiite wealthy enough to hire a fulltime cleaning staff LOL). And who wants to spend their weekends cleaning? Not me! Don’t get me wrong. I clean really well – shout out to chores growing up, and to being a low key germaphobe. I don’t love doing it but I can throw on a great playlist and go in or better yet FaceTime a friend to keep me company while I get busy with the cleaning products. At the end of the day, there is something super satisfying about the gleaming result that I love.

Which brings me to my latest secret weapon. I found these brush attachments on Amazon that you can screw right into your power drill. The brushes have sturdy and stiff bristles perfect for the deep cleaning and stubborn stains. I was able to get the tiles in the shower gleaming clean (grout and all) in half the time it normally takes me. I use the big flat one to cover big surface areas, the small one to get into little spots that are hard to get to, and yep I used the last one for the toilet. I don’t think that is the most enjoyment I have ever gotten out of cleaning a toilet! LOL. Talk about Power Clean! I felt like I was cheating the system. Next up – the titled floors in my kitchen! And I’m pretty excited to use this baby on carpet stains too.

[Side Bar: This isn’t the first time I’ve used a power tool in an eyebrow-raising way – Remember the interesting way I use my car buffer?]

Now, I do realize there are specific battery operated products you can buy specifically for cleaning but if you own a drill, why not get an extra use out of it. If you don’t then this one is probably for you.

While we are talking about cleaning – let me put you guys on to these silicone sponges I have been using for a year…. because traditional sponges skeeve me out. No matter how much I tried to keep mine clean it would always start to smell. The silicone sponge has its pluses and minus (+ never gets smelly, simple to clean, food won’t easily get stuck inside of it / – doesn’t get sudsy like a regular sponge, doesn’t hold soap well ) but the good outweighs the bad for me. And before you even ask, I tried that sponge that claimed it would never smell – it looks like a smiley face – I forget the name, and food got stuck in it and it ended up smelling! I don’t see myself going back to regular sponges anytime soon.

Hope my secret weapons for cleaning help you as much as they help me! Do you have any secret weapons for cleaning? Leave them in the comments below!

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