The Secret Weapon That Cut My Cleaning Time In Half

You guys know I love a good life hack. I call them my secret weapons. I recently discovered one for cleaning and I’m so excited to share!

A clean house makes me so happy but time is limited (and I’m not quiiiiite wealthy enough to hire a fulltime cleaning staff LOL). And who wants to spend their weekends cleaning? Not me! Don’t get me wrong. I clean really well – shout out to chores growing up, and to being a low key germaphobe. I don’t love doing it but I can throw on a great playlist and go in or better yet FaceTime a friend to keep me company while I get busy with the cleaning products. At the end of the day, there is something super satisfying about the gleaming result that I love.

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Life Hack: Self Massage

I probably shouldn’t admit this but … I could be convinced to do a lot of things for a really good massage. I always said if I ever hit the lotto, one of the top 10 things I would do is hire a massage therapist!

Well, I am not rich yet, and it gets pretty old asking my husband for a massage so a few years ago I purchased a massager from Brookestone. It was probably the 25th time I’d gone into Brookestone to kill time by trying all the massagers. Well, that time I actually found one I thought was awesome. It was powerful and the handle was long enough for me to reach the lower parts of my back, for $100 it was all mine.

Recently my colleague told me he’d been using a car buffer for self-massage, my ears perked up. I tried it and immediately went to my desk and ordered my own. $30 BOOM.

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