Me and My Dogs: The Good, Bad and Ugly

I got my French Bulldog 4 years ago. She was a surprise from my hubby (then boyfriend). I had been harping on for a whole year about how I wanted to get a Frenchie. He did the research, found a reputable breeder and surprised me for my birthday. And to this day that was the best birthday surprise I have ever received.

Four years and two dogs later, I inherited a 110-lb mastiff named Brooklyn when Yahve and I moved in together. I’ve learned a lot and my life is definitely different with dogs than without. I love them both and the laughs and love I get from them outweighs the work it takes into having them.

But there are a few things that I wish I would have known before I became a dog owner.

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Life Hack: Self Massage

I probably shouldn’t admit this but … I could be convinced to do a lot of things for a really good massage. I always said if I ever hit the lotto, one of the top 10 things I would do is hire a massage therapist!

Well, I am not rich yet, and it gets pretty old asking my husband for a massage so a few years ago I purchased a massager from Brookestone. It was probably the 25th time I’d gone into Brookestone to kill time by trying all the massagers. Well, that time I actually found one I thought was awesome. It was powerful and the handle was long enough for me to reach the lower parts of my back, for $100 it was all mine.

Recently my colleague told me he’d been using a car buffer for self-massage, my ears perked up. I tried it and immediately went to my desk and ordered my own. $30 BOOM.

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Create and Cultivate: Dallas

I attended the Create and Cultivate conference for the first time in January and I was excited for a few reasons – to escape the winter for a moment (yay!), visit a new city and attend a conference for entrepreneurial-minded creatives.  To add to my excitement, Create and Cultivate had asked me to speak on a panel during the conference called “The Art of the Pitch: How to present, sell and negotiate your big ideas.”

It wasn’t just my first time at this particular conference, it was my first time visiting Dallas and although I didn’t get a chance to explore too much, the city impressed me. Dallas was more cosmopolitan than I expected. Chic people (every woman looked like a fashion blogger), great dining (visit Filament if you get the chance) and beautiful weather to boot!

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