Relax Relate Release

A friend and I made a date to catch up and she suggested we go to Inscape. I’d never heard of it; turns out it’s a meditation lounge. A noise desert smack in the middle of NYC.

I walked in to Inscape after a very hectic day at work and instantly dropped my voice into a whisper, like I do when I walk into a library. The spacious layout, neural colors and plush furniture made the space welcoming. The staff was warm and the vibe was mellow.

Inscape with exactly what I needed. I love getting to that relaxed state where I am conscious and aware but also feel like I am sleeping. That weird in between state of consciousness. The thoughts that come to me are always familiar but from far corners of my mind. The session was 45-minutes. The meditation was guided by a pre-recorded voice. When it was over I felt like I’d slept for 3 hours. Still and quiet. For at least half the time I was able to stop the chatter in my mind.

Meditating with a friend was really cool too. We went to dinner afterwards and we were relaxed, connected and chill.  The kinda of chill like after you have a few glasses of wine. We parted ways after a few ours and I wondered “why don’t I meditate more?” Probably because my life is fast, I can always fill my time with something “productive.” I liked Inscape because I made a commitment (by paying to go). I like the benefits of mindfulness and definitely want to incorporate it into my wellness routine.

This post is not about me telling you how to meditate because 1 – I am no expert and 2 – I’ve been told you practice meditation in the same way that you practice yoga. You never really master it you just get better and better each time you do it.

If you want to try guided meditation at home, you can try using meditation apps. Inscape has an app and there’s Headspace.

Wooosa y’all.

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