Ready, Set, Spa

I didn’t plan to make this a blog post but I had such a great experience I figure it would be selfish of me not to share.

If you are even a little ambitious, you are likely pretty busy. The tools that are meant to make our lives more efficient also manage to turn us into multitasking machines. When I list out all the things on my general to do list – I wonder myself how it “all” gets done.

  • Be a good mom to a 7 month old and a 13 year old
  • Be a present and loving wife
  • Excel at work
  • Lesson plans for my FIT class
  • Give my coaching clients stellar guidance and career developing advice
  • Design T-shirts and maintain
  • Keep this mane from looking like a disaster
  • Go to the gym (yeah.. about that)
  • Stay in touch with friends
  • Post witty things on social media
  • Remain in the loop and informed on current news
  • Invest for retirement
  • Network
  • Recycle
  • Sleep enough???
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Relax Relate Release

A friend and I made a date to catch up and she suggested we go to Inscape. I’d never heard of it; turns out it’s a meditation lounge. A noise desert smack in the middle of NYC.

I walked in to Inscape after a very hectic day at work and instantly dropped my voice into a whisper, like I do when I walk into a library. The spacious layout, neural colors and plush furniture made the space welcoming. The staff was warm and the vibe was mellow.

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