From Freebie to Fave

Here is the thing about new beauty products… I love getting new products but I often times end up with a baskets full of new untouched products simply because I am a creature of habit and rely on my “tried and true” products.

I moved into a new home this year and just when I think I unpacked all of my products, I find another box with little packets, boxes and tubes – some of brands I am familiar with and some I am not. Because I don’t want to be wasteful I committed to give some of them a try.

The very first product I opened was W3ll People Foundation Stick – Hippie Tested Diva Approved the box boasted… Okay I can dig that. The shade I had was clearly not right for me as a foundation but…. hummmmm maybe as a concealer. I used it that night and have not looked back since! It was creamier than my “regular” concealer which I like and the best part is that my MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder worked beautifully with it. I got more coverage and it looks really natural.

I have to say, I have hesitated when considering natural products because I have a preconceived notion that they would not be as good as “conventional” products. Well I stand corrected thanks W3ll People! To be honest, I am not even sure which gift bag this product came in but I will be sure to explore the natural beauty category more often. Additionally, I love that they don’t test on animals!

Also featured in this post is my new hand-sewn By Daphney cosmetic case. I love the fun dots and the gold lining…. swoon!

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