Make-Up Pro Saves Me from Racoon Eyes

  • Brush selection is key! I personally have a very little space between my lash line and my browbone so most eye shadow brushes are too large for me!
  • How you hold the brush affects how heavy or intense the product you are applying looks on your face. I was choking my brushes and holding so close so instead of sweeping product on with light pressure I was depositing a lot in one place. Holding close gives you more control and holding farther back allows for a more effortless application.
  • Primer is a must! I always skipped this step because…. I didn’t really think it made a difference. But particularly for my eye-lids, it’s a must to help the product pop and stay!
  • If I want to cover dark spots or an undereye situation, color correction is not optional. I used to just use a concealer a few shades lighter than me but it turns out I need to correct the darkness with a product that has some orange in it!
  • Foundation is going to even out your skin tone but it will also make your face look very flat (this is the point in the tutorials where I would look at myself and think “I am doing this way wrong… I’m done”) so you have to add the dimension back in with your blush, highlighting and contouring!

I learned so much but I feel those were the biggest light bulb moments for me! I have been wearing eye make-up (gasp) and actually liking it! I feel more confident to try new products (within the confines of what works for me) AND I am definitely having more fun! Working with a make-up professional who is accustomed to working on all types of face shapes and skin tones was a big advantage because I got tips that were personal to me!

I went a little out of my comfort zone to practice my new found skills!

After my session with Danielle, I had the pleasure of sitting down to a group makeup class with my girls taught by another talented artist Amber Taylor and I got to practice under the guidance of some who knows what they are doing and ask more questions.

I highly recommend a session like this if you have the opportunity! And you know what? Every time I go into my make-up bag now, it does spark a little joy knowing that everything in there is right for me… and I know how to use it!

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