9 Items That Make Me Feel Like Super Mom

Before Maya was born, I read dozens of articles about things I had to purchase or put on my registry. Some of these lists were helpful but what was most helpful was advice from moms I knew. I got such great tips so I thought I would compile the things that I found most helpful. I wanted to especially share the things or tips I didn’t commonly see on other lists.

Big thank you to the ladies who shared advice, answered my anxiety laden questions and checked on with me over the past year namely – Natalie, Katie, Nadine, Michelle, Teefa, Sendy, Marjorie, Tracy, Melissa, Amanda and Kelli. This post is a combination of their genius mommy know-how and some things I learned over the past few months.

SOCKS – I buy my kiddo white socks – same style. I can barely keep my own sock paired up so I knew that searching for a 2 inch piece of fabric was bound to be problematic.  Same style, same color – no matching. Grab any two socks and done!

MOTION SENSOR LAMP – Truth be told, I registered for this lamp because of how it looked. When it arrived and I realized it was battery operated, I was a bit annoyed but I kept it because it allowed me to place it anywhere in the nursery even if there wasn’t an outlet near. Now I think everyone with a newborn should have one of these! Experts say not to use bright overhead lights when doing late night diaper changes, so when Yahve or I would get up for bleary-eyed diaper duty, we didn’t have to fumble for the light switch while handling the baby and we didn’t wake her. As soon as we stepped foot into the nursery, the light came on an provided just enough light for us but not enough to disturb the baby.

TOOT TOOT – This is an item I got in a gift bag (shout out to my friends at Well Rounded NY) and I honestly never thought I would need it but Maya was so uncomfy and didn’t really know how to pass gas. We tried gripe water and when that didn’t give her relief, I went into “do what you gotta do” mode. This miracle product goes in the bum and releases trapped air and … more. If ya know what I mean.

MEDICINE DISPENSER – Highly recommend this little pacifier medicine dispenser. I found the syringes that most medicines came with tough to use. Maya would end up spitting out most of the syrup/liquid. With this dispenser we were able to get her to drink most if not all of it.

CHUCKS – Ha. These are basically WeeWee pads but for humans (but honestly who can tell the difference?). Someone gave me the awesome tip of making Maya’s bed, putting a chuck on top and then putting on another fitted sheet … in the event that things got messy (use your imagination). That way we wouldn’t have to go fishing for a clean sheet and make the bed up. I could just strip the top layer and the chuck and put her back to sleep swiftly. This came in handy in the middle of the night when Maya was one month old. We also use these on the changing station.

CASHMERE – OMG. When I received a cashmere blanket for Maya, I just thought “wow, she is going to be one fancy baby.” But for a baby born smack in the middle of winter, I had no idea just how awesome this blanket would be. Kept her super cozy so we didn’t have to keep the heat in the house on super high. It also came in handy when we went to the doctor’s office and they ask you to undress the baby and then you wait for doctor. I may or may not be planning to use the blanket as a scarf…

PACIFIER STRAP – Yeah this one seems like a no brainer but the hubs only thought of it after we had washed and sanitized the pacifier for the 50th time. If you are going to use a pacifier, get your self a strap. Simple.

INFANT BOPPY – I wish I had invented this thing. Maya loves this pillow and she gets plenty of Zzs on it. This isn’t the Boppy that you can also use as a nursing pillow. This is only for the infant. Judge if you wish but I definitely plan on using it as MY pillow once she is too big for it. I suspect it’s stuffed with clouds from paradise.

MOISTURE – I received this product in a gift bag and now it’s a staple. It’s super hydrating for the little dry spots Maya gets and I use it as lip balm. Also, it’s paraben and chemical free.

And finally, one of the best tips I got was – if it makes your life easier, get it. Don’t let anyone judge you and say it’s to expensive or you don’t really need it. If it earns you 15 minutes more sleep a day and you think it’s worth it … then it is!

If you have any genius tips, please share them in the comments below! Happy parenting!

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  1. Lol spot on! I have all these items/“hacks” minus the moisturizer but I’ll be picking some up. You’re doing an awesome job with Maya! Keep it up.

  2. This was so cute to read. Definitely not having anymore little ones but it gave me some great gift ideas! Blessings to y’all

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