I Found Inspiration in DC Despite Covfefe

Back in October I signed up to get timed tickets to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The plan: a family road trip to D.C. to see the sights and explore this new museum. Back when I got the tickets, I was imaging a different president but alas, we were determined to make it a good trip.

We left NY around 8:30am on  a Friday and after roughly 4 hours on the road (with one pit stop), we arrived just in time to park the car near our AirBnB and zip back to the museum in a cab.

Let’s start with the line – it was DOWN the block. Hundreds of people were waiting outside. And I’d like to add a very diverse set of people. Young, old, black, white, American, foreign – though a lump formed in my throat at that moment I held back the emotion because my daughter and husband love to tease me for crying (emotional thugs!).

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Save Those Coins

I consider myself to be a pretty good saver. I started earning my own money when I was about 9 because my mom owned a salon and she would give me little jobs to do. Each job had a corresponding pay rate and at the end of the week I would tally all of the jobs I did  and my mom would pay me. I loved the feeling of having my own money. I liked planning how to spend it too! Clothes, ice cream and books were my treasures of choice. My mom let me enjoy it for a while but then she hit me with her one of her philosophies about money (there would be many more after that), “buy what you need before you get what you want.” So for me that meant vocabulary books before clothes, lunch before slap bracelets and science project materials before movie tickets.

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Christmas Card Tradition

Sending out holiday cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I started the tradition about 15 years ago. I started off buying 2 boxes of holiday cards from the drugstore and sending out to my friends and family. I have always loved getting and sending mail so it was a fun project. One year I did a custom card and I loved it so much that I never went back to buying store cards.

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