New Delhi India

By the time I’d arrived in New Delhi, I had already been in India for 5 days. I was sick (combination of Delhi Belly and taking the wrong meds to get better) but the trip was almost over so I wanted to take in as much as I could. I rallied to see the city.

Delhi was fast paced like Mumbai but there was one portion of the trip that will remain in my memory forever and that is the Rickshaw ride. We took a ride through the markets of New Delhi.  It was like watching ten televisions at once. Everywhere I looked there was a story taking place – a man tidying up his shop, a woman examining spices, a dog plotting his next meal, friends catching up, someone chopping vegetables, selling… lots of selling. I felt like I couldn’t take it in fast enough.

Here are a few pictures from New Delhi. If you are going to stop in New Delhi, I highly recommend taking a rickshaw ride!

Here’s a video clip of my ride!


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