Colorful in the City

When I learned about The Obliteration Room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, I immediately put it on my “must do” list. The artist built a tiny house with a completely white interior. The entire space was void of any color – furniture, books, kitchen items, electronics, the walls, everything was white. Now, here is the fun part, visitors were invited to apply colorful stickers, specially designed by the artist, to everything and anything in the house!

The David Zwirner gallery where The Obliteration Room was on exhibit was not to far from my job so I set out during my lunch hour. Since I did wait until there were only two days before the close of the exhibit, I should have expected all the people waiting in line but it surprised me. I expected to run out of the office and into the gallery for a quick peek. Well, after an hour, I was welcomed into the “house” and greeted with an explosion of color. Dots were everywhere. I put my stickers all over, including on me.

The notion of creating a piece of art and having it evolve and change every time someone visits and interacts with it is kind of  cool to me. I had an awesome time contributing to the exhibit …. and taking about 78 selfies in the space.

Kusama has another exhibit called The Rain Room, which I missed while it was in New York but I am hoping to catch it in LA before it closes in April 2016.

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